This is the typical page about this blog’s author.

My name is Miguel Arroz. I live near Lisboa, in Portugal. That’s me at the Apple Campus Party, WWDC 2006!

This is me, at the Apple Campus Party, WWDC 2006

I’m currently working on Survs, an online survey application. I also work as a system adminstrator at GAEL, a department of IST where I did my graduation in software engineering.

I’m a Mac User since the old Mac Plus, and I’ve used and explored Apple stuff since then. I love (most of the) Apple products, and I admire the way Apple engineers think and build their products.

I love application development, for desktop and web. Cocoa and WebObjects are the frameworks I use and love, for their power and their conception logic. Some may like “simple” frameworks… I like frameworks that allow me to do complex things in a sustainable way.