My walkman

Some of its features:

  • Unlimited songs!
  • No DRMs! Listen and record to whatever you want, legal or not! Just play it. Or record it!
  • Social features: Share your music! Plug two headphone sets, enjoy your favorite tunes with a friend, in stereo! Or switch tapes with your mates. No complicated wireless setup, no waiting for files to be transfered, no internet access required. The best social experience ever!
  • Built-in stereo microphone and line in. Records full quality sounds for as long as you want (with short breaks every 45 minutes)
  • Advanced space duplication algorithm: when you think the media is full, just warp it around and you have 100% more space!
  • No desktop, laptop, tablet, super-computer or any other damn thing with transistors in it required. No software. No platforms. No broadband internet connection. Nothing. It just works.
  • Strong, hard, heavy-duty case. Won’t break, period.
  • Very reliable, can work for decades, even under rough usage (trust me).
  • Replaceable built-in batteries. Can also be powered by external batteries or power supply.

Some photos:

(Unfortunately, I forgot to remove the batteries about 15 years ago… there’s a huge mess inside the battery compartment)

1 thought on “My walkman”

  1. 1. No shuffle
    2. No track skipping
    3. No lossless audio formats
    4. No video
    5. No photos
    6. No games
    7. No contacts
    8. No agenda
    9. No internet
    10. Do not start with an I.

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