WebObjects rocks

Well, WWDC is almost done, I’m waiting for the last session on Level 3 of Moscone, near one of these really big windows.

It’s a really big pain to not being able to write here all that I have learned about WebObjects (for those of you who don’t know, WWDC sessions are covered by NDAs).

Someone asked on the WebObjects mailing list how do we classify the WO news, from A to C. Well, I can say, A++++! I think the future of WebObjects will be susprising. Apple showed us some stuff that, in my opinion, is probably almost as revolutionary as the original WebObjects framework itself. But we still will have to wait.

The only thing I can say more is: if you are (considering) doing web application development, don’t be stupid – learn WebObjects NOW. Currently, it’s the most powerful web application development environment by far. And in some future time this advantage will be an order of magnitude higher.

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