steve jobs

That’s why we do what we do

More than Lion, iLife or the new awesome MacBook Air, the one thing I liked best about today’s Apple event was that sentence, pronounced by Steve Jobs during the iLife presentation: “That’s why we do what we do”. Why?

Today I left a meeting a few minutes after the beginning of the Back to my Mac event. I went to my car to drive home, and before turning on the engine, I grabbed my iPhone, launched Safari and tuned in to the live video feed. I placed the phone somewhere on my car where I could listen to it, and took off. During all the 20 minute drive home, I could listen to the event (I didn’t watch it, because, well, I was driving!), and only twice did the iPhone pushed it back a few seconds to recover (immediately) from dropped packets. I then got home, and switched to the Mac using my fiber connection.

Putting all this in perspective, Steve and his team were speaking in Cupertino, a bunch of equipment was capturing the event, encoding it and streaming it to half a world away, to a (fast) moving car on a freeway, where I was receiving it with a powerful, stunning device that has more CPU power than any computer I had when I was a kid and still fits in my pocket. And the quality was perfect.

Yes, this is why all of us, in this industry, in this passion, do what we do.